and Home

We had chosen Amiens, because of the cheap and numerous hotels available, as well as the chance to re-visit the “Eat as much as you like” oriental restaurant.

So after quickly checking in, we discussed the options. Going home on Thursday was safest. There was a possibility of flying the Normandy beaches, on Thursday, sitting out the rain on Friday and seeing what happened on Saturday and Sunday. Based on the fact it is September, we chose safety first and filed Flight Plans, GAR forms and Calais customs notices that evening; cancelling the outstanding hotels.

The Thursday flights were like military precision exercises.

Leave Amiens at 9:30 local (as it happened, just after a rain shower), after 75 mins, we landed in Calais and following a final coffee and payment of the landing fee, departing at 11:40 local.

With a headwind, the flight to Harringe was an hour, where Border Force were there to meet me! (What again – there was no one to meet Les and I at Deanland)

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