Day 3 – Playtime in the Alps – a steep learning curve

What a a fantastic day.

Morning flight over the lake at Chambery with Ian and Patrick before joining up with Les and David and heading for Alpe d’heuz.

This was unbelievably exciting. This is me stood at the top of the Alpe d’heuz runway which is lot steeper than it looks from this photo.

From here we went to Grenoble Le Versoud were it took more than an hour to get fuel and we actually had to pay a landing fee… the cheek of it!

From Grenoble we had a short 20 odd minute flight back to Chambery were we joined up with the lady bird squadron!!

Day 2 Into the Alps

The route in from Geoffrey was superfluous, as we were able to fly straight in over the small mountains.

I proved my technical inability, by failing to turn on the “GoPro”, for the fantastic views over the lake to Chambery. I will try again tomorrow.

Les was concerned about the flight in, but it turned out his trickiest moment was finding an exit from the runway.

Day 2 – The story continues

First stop of the day was Sezanne which looked better this year than it did when we fell out of the sky last year. Once we had fuelled up with coffee and 91ul we set off in beautiful sunshine. From here we headed south for a further 2.5 hours till we reached Bourg Ceyzeriat LFHS.

We met up with a group of guys from Holton in 4 eurostars and an RV6 heading down to Gap.

From there we headed east down the valley following the train tracks to the head of the lake north of Chambery Charles Les Eaux via Lac du Bourget.

Who did the flight planning?

7pm tonight (in the UK), got a text from Grant, “Evening Geoffrey, sorry to bother u but we r trying to plot a route from Chateau Thierry LFFH to Chambery Challes Les Eaux LFLE and we are struggling with the mountains in the way, any thoughts?”

Further texts explained that they could get to LFHS Bourg Ceyzeriat but no further.

Out with the map and a nifty (free) piece of flight planning software – AirMate – on my iPad that I’ve been trying for a little while and I came up with the following route for the boys, from LFHS South to LFXA Amberieu en Bugey and then follow the railway line through the valleys to Chambery:

Tsk, who did the flight planning for this trip?